TICA 2012-2013 Season
RW.SGCA. Almaz Mimosa
TICA 2012-2013 Season
RW. Almaz Precious Moment

TICA 2011-12 Season
Wild Is The Wind

TICA 2010-2011 Season
Regional Winners

Asia The 10th Cat / Male
RW.SGC.Almaz Lancelot

Asia The 12th Best Alter
RW.SGCA. Almaz Gordeus

TICA 2009-2010 Season
Regional Winners

Asia The 5th Kitten / Male
Almaz Lancelot
He is the one of promised boy.

Asia The 5th Alter / Spay
RW.SGCA.Almaz Moca
Amazing huge, muscular...gorgeous spay.

Asia 13th Alter / Spay
RW.SGCA.Almaz Cerastium
Luxurious, Beautiful show white...and huge.

RW.SGC.Almaz Amazing Grace
of Jasperridge
NE Region 18th Cat / Female
Grace became RW.SGC. in Northeast region in USA!
Thank you Andrea!

TICA 2008-2009 Season
Outstanding Dam
RW.SGC.Almaz Manekineko Mike
2 IWs, 6 RWs, 6 Supremes, 3 QGC&A, DGC&A, CH...many!

Her grandchildren was born soon in USA&Japan :-)

*個人情報保護のためオーナーさんのお名前は伏せています みなさんおめでとう!

Asia Best Cat
アジア1位を賜りまして 皆様に心から感謝致します
IW&RW.SGC. Almaz Maximilian Julius
Photo: Tetsu Yamazaki

Asia the 2nd Best Alter
激戦のアルター アジア2位ありがとうございました
RW.SGCA. Almaz Katsu Kaisyu
Photo: Tetsu Yamazaki

Asia The 20th Best Alter
皇帝はマイペースで余裕綽々 ありがとうございました
RW.SGCA. Almaz Gordeus
Photo: Chanan

North East Region(USA)
The 6th Best Kitten&
18th Best LH Cat!

Congratulations on your wins, Andrea & Grace!
I am happy, too...Thank you so much.

若い女の子として立派な成績 ありがとうございました

RW.QGC. Almaz Amazing Grace of Jasperridge
Photo: L.Johnson

Asia The 3rd Best Cat 2007-2008
Asia The Best Long hair Cat
IW. SGC. Almaz Jazz
Photo: L.Johnson


by Hama from Road Star Cattery

Photo by Tetsu Yamazaki
(C)1999-2013 All Copyright is reserved Almaz

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