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Kazue Yamagishi, D.M.D.  
Dear Visitor!

Thank you for visiting my website.Though this English language website does not offer the full range of information compared to the Japanese section, I attempted to provide you with the most important materials and facts regarding our research activities as well as the clinical programs.

Yours sincerely,

Kazue Yamagishi

Dear. Sir/Madam,
I have been asked by people from different countries as to whether I am connected to "Charcle tooth paste."
This is a notification that I, Kazue Yamagishi, and " Charcle toothpaste"are not connected in any way.
Our toothpaste will go on sale next year.
We will introduce this new product via our Homepage in 2016.

Yours Sincerely. Kazue Yamagishi (September 2015.)

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